Andar Bahar Game Development Company

Andar Bahar Game Development Company

Andar Bahar is an on-demand gaming platform that allows you to play various games based on skill, chance, challenge, and competition. Andar Bahar has created a ve1222nue filled with engaging and challenging games. If you win, the prize gets transferred directly to your account.

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Andar Bahar Game App Development Services

We develop mobile games that are easy to use, interactive, and very helpful in making money. One such game is Andar Bahar, based on an Indian card game called Katti. Andar Bahar is a fun betting game, very popular in India, which allows players to enjoy games with real money to earn some cash. It is one of the most popular betting games among people of all ages! As the games are played with real money, the excitement and the thrill are guaranteed! We develop the game by integrating the latest technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, and building the functionality so that the game is smooth to play and gives a good user experience.

Andar Bahar Game App Development Services

Features of Andar Bahar Game Development

Single Player

Anyone can play andar bahar without needing anyone else. This solution is for people who just want to play andar bahar independently, without sharing.

Multiplayer Timer

Experience the fun of playing andar bahar card games with your family and friends all at once. With Multiplayer Timer, playing andar bahar card games is no longer an individual activity.

Andar Bahar Pro

Andar Bahar Pro, the ultimate andar bahar gaming app, offers a whole new gaming experience while keeping the eagerness of andar bahar intact. Our ultimate version of andar bahar gives users a wholly unique gaming experience.

Payment System

It allows the players to deposit Bets in any currency or payment method they want. At the same time, they can withdraw their bet amount in any currency or payment method they wish from the list of available options.

RNG Certified Gaming

We have an in-house expert team of developers who are highly skilled in creating flawless random number games that abide by the rules and regulations of the gaming industry.

Risk Management

Risk management is identifying, assessing, and controlling risks to project objectives. To ensure that our games have the best protection, we have partnered with world-class security experts to design and build a state-of-the-art risk management platform.

Back Office & CRM

The gaming industry has traditionally been mired in maintaining full-time staff for gaming operations management, accounting, and reporting.

World Class Security

100% user data privacy protection. No need for a third party for financial transaction processing. Consistent game rules and fair play environment. A top-notch interface that supports all devices of different screen sizes.

For Develop Andar Bahar Game

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Work Process

Discussion and Planning

Discussion and Planning









Why Choose US


We provide services to design the user's product to attract more potential users. We make the product's interactive design more attractive and create more professional development.


We are developing new types of games with innovative technology. All Games are based on Multiplayer and Online. With great new technology, Games will look natural.

HTML5 Games

HTML5 Games

Enjoy your favourite games anytime, anywhere. Andar Bahar is a leading company in the development of HTML5 games. Not only will you be able to play games, but you will also be able to access high-quality ad solutions.


The leaderboard is a service that tracks, ranks, and showcases the most skilled players on any game or app. Leaderboard allows users to search and compare the high scores of their friends and fellow players.


What does the outcome of the Andar bahar game typically cost?FAQ

This is a brief overview. Please post your query on our AMA to get a detailed estimate. Game design and story - Fixed cost 2. The platform - PC, iOS, or Android. Marketing - App store optimization and social media advertising - Fixed cost.

Do you ever add instructions to your games so players can understand them?FAQ

Yes. We do. We have an entire team with a detailed description of the game and how to play and win. To make the game more exciting and engaging for the players, we added some game tips and tricks on the page. And we are proud to have a professional and easy-to-read “How to play” section that will let the players understand the game rules, beginners tips, and another game strategy.

What software features would you all add to my Andar Bahar gaming software? FAQ

We will add a player management system to your software so that it will be straightforward for you to add player detail. The game management system will help you run a poker, horse racing, sports betting, etc. Tournaments management will help you to run tournaments quickly and effectively. Multi-currency is needed to work with more than one currency so we will add multi-currency to your software. A fraud-prevention system will help you to avoid fraud cases. With software features, you can reduce the time to manage your business.

Can I Access Our Andar Bahar Admin Panel on a Mobile Device?FAQ

Yes, you can access our Andar Bahar Admin Panel on a mobile device. You'll just need to install the latest version of the Andar Bahar app on android and apple app stores and enter the username and password to log in. You can do everything within the app, including adding, promoting, and deleting players. You can play with players on your team, from other groups, or your friend list. You should occasionally log in online to check for software updates.

Please help me understand the details of the various deployment versions you provide.FAQ

We offer three different mobile application development versions for web-based applications and one for native applications. Our Hybrid Mobile Apps enable you to create your app for other platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.) using a similar code base. It’s a cost-effective method to build your application, and we provide you with the most effective and user-friendly design. Our HTML5 Mobile Application Development Services help create a unique mobile app for your business. The main advantage of HTML5 is the app is compatible across all devices. Our Native Mobile Applications are created using different programming languages for each platform and offer a 100% native experience of the device. hours.


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