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We offer Satta Matka App Development Services to our valuable clients. Our Satta Matka App developer is well-trained and delivers high-quality matka application. Heighten Tech Solution Pvt. Ltd. is the Satta Matka Game & App development company in India works on cost-effective quality wise with the help of modern technology. Our Satta Matka App Development Services are reliable and secure.

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Satta Matka App Development Services

Satta Matka is a popular game played in India and other parts of the world. The game is known for its fast-paced action, thrilling results, and big winners! The game has been around for years, and players are eager to participate. We've developed application services for Satta Matka.

The Satta Matka App is a program that runs on different devices and uses an internet connection. It is intended to be used by people who want to play the game of Satta Matka. Experts designed and maintained the app to help the user get a satisfactory experience. The app also facilitates various features to make the game enjoyable. The Satta Matka App is developed using multiple tools and technologies that make the application compatible with different devices. The technologies and tools used in software development are webs, UI, Cloud, and mobile application development. We at Heighten Tech Solution is a leading Satta Matka app development company based in Jaipur and provide end to end satta matka app development complete solutions on client demand.

Satta Matka Game App Development Services

Features of Satta Matka Game Development


You can use OPEN/CLOSE to bet on the winning number of a specific shift and the total number of winning numbers within the change. It is easy to win big on OPEN/CLOSE.

Gamify your product

Game variants are a gamification solution for your android app, which can help you to make your product more interactive and engaging—different Types of Game Variations. We have developed different game variations according to the user's choice, preference, and market.

Result Declare

Betting Professionals will be able to monitor the outcome of bets before the official result is declared by sportsbooks and will be able to take advantage of the arbitrage opportunities that appear after a given game has finished.

Result Roll Back

Result Roll-Back is an innovative analytics software that helps an e-commerce site roll back (revert) a transaction and verify (or, in case of an incorrect measurement, dispute) an order. For instance, if the wrong number is displayed, the result can be verified, and the amount paid can be recovered.

Calculate Load

Calculate Load is a new, easy and practical tool for digital business calculations. The digits will be calculated automatically, and the result will be declared.

Result Notification

Result Notification allows users to send result notifications and notifications to candidates. It's an essential tool to deliver the Result information to the candidate and the administrator. This helps improve the candidate experience and the overall operation of the recruitment process.


Our feature and API will safely and anonymously access the customer and Admin Area.

Client specifications

We develop a unique gaming experience that allows you to have an unforgettable time with your friends and family. We have a team of satta matka app developers with years of experience creating high-quality games.

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Easy to run the app

If you are hunting for a trustworthy Satta Matka App development company, you have reached the right platform. We create the best Satta Matka App for your business.

Expert developers

A Satta Matka App Developer That Can Help You Manage Your Game: It's essential to manage your game correctly. With the help of our developers, you can develop a Satta Matka app that will allow you to manage your match easily.

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User-friendly interface

searchable and filterable game board set up with the help of the "Matka Game" algorithm to allow the searching of game types, game numbers, and game panels that suit the player's requirements.

Unique features

We are designed to be innovative, efficient, and cost-effective. We are working with the latest technologies and applying them to our products to help businesses to be more efficient, have better customer relationships, and save time and money.


What is a Satta Matka game?FAQ

Satta Matka is a popular Indian online betting game. Satta means "betting," and Matka is a small box used in the game. Satta Matka is a great way to earn money. But you have to have proper game know-how to win some serious cash. The Satta Matka game is similar to horse race betting. Here players bet on the winning numbers of the lotteries in India.

Do you assist customers with maintenance?FAQ

Yes, Heighten Tech Solution provides you with continuous maintenance support regarding game development. Even after the development, you can reach us for help. Being a leading web development company in India Heighten Tech Solution works in a very organized manner, and thus it's straightforward to provide maintenance support.

Does owning a Satta Matka game allow you to make money? FAQ

Yes, it is possible to make money by owning a matka game. The Satta Matka game is trendy in Indian gambling. The game of Satta is played through a series of numbers drawn daily and then updated on the website. The players must guess the numbers drawn, and the player will win the amount. The players can use the matka game on their websites and earn money. They also provide the maintenance support required to run a matka game. You can also participate in the affiliate marketing program of the matka game providers and earn money.

Do you create Satta Matka game web apps or mobile apps?FAQ

Heighten Tech Solution is a leading software development services company in India. We have worked with many eminent clients: quality resources, a skilled workforce, and the latest technology back our services. We have rich industry experience in developing complex IT and web applications. We always strive to deliver innovative products that address the client’s business requirements and maximize the return on investment (ROI).

Do you provide Admin Panel with Matka App? FAQ

Yes We provide the customized admin panel with satta matka app on client demand. With this admin panel you can easily manage users, games, market, update results. etc.


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